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19 junio 2014

SDK available for BlueBox development

19 junio 2014|Categories: en, Knowledge Base, ZB-Connection|Etiquetas: , |

PC OS Prerequisite

  • Linux Ubuntu 10.04 or greater
  • Xubuntu on a Virtual Machine

Build SDK

Download the file SDK_Bluebox.tar.gz and uncompress it in your working directory:

# tar xvfz SDK_Bluebox.tar.gz

This will create the “Bluebox” folder in your working directory. This is the main directory of BlueBox environment. Here you’ll find some iles, that explain how to build […]

16 enero 2014

AVL GPS.History Decoder Issue

16 enero 2014|Categories: en, Notas Técnicas||

Dear customers,

As you may already know, there is a number leap run in GPS History decoder of the AVL firmware.
The cause of this issue is that the date/time is represented as the number of seconds elapsed since the midnight of 1980-01-06 and the field used to stored this value is 30-bit long. This means that this field reached its […]

14 enero 2014

Detection of harsh brakings/accelerations via GPS speed

14 enero 2014|Categories: en, Falcom, Knowledge Base|Etiquetas: , , , |

Falcom AVL firmware includes the state GPS.Nav.sDeltaSpeed that allows to configure the devices to detect and report any harsh breakings or accelerations produced by the vehicle being tracked. This state uses GPS data in order to detect how fast the speed of the device increases/decreases. It can check speed differences up to an accuracy of […]

26 septiembre 2013

AVL Firmware 2.11.0 Officially Released

26 septiembre 2013|Categories: en, Notas Técnicas|Etiquetas: , , |

After eight-weeks successful field tests Falcom has released officially the new Firmware v2.11.0_RC7 for all FALCOM AVL devices including BIOS 2.1.3 as final release. The firmware file, the PFAL document and a detailed Release Notes can be downloaded from our website.

These are some of the most important enhancements included within this new version:

  • FLASH TCP buffer […]
25 julio 2013

AES support for Falcom AVL devices

25 julio 2013|Categories: en, Notas Técnicas|Etiquetas: , , , |

New firmware versions for AVL devices include support for AES128 feature in order to grant a secure transmission channel between field devices and remote servers.

AVL device contains 2 sets of non-readable AES keys for RX and TX to define max. of security structure.

  1. Set of AES RxTx as FALCOM default
  2. […]

28 mayo 2013

EOL Jazz1. New Jazz2

28 mayo 2013|Categories: en, Noticias|Etiquetas: , , |

Falcom announces EOL of actual version Jazz1 Windows CE based.

LTB: 30th June, 2013

LTD: 30th September, 2013

Same time Falcom announces in the roadmap new version Jazz2 supporting Android 4,0 and following specs:

● 5“ TFT (800x480px) 65k touch screen (capacitive)
● CPU 1GHz Cortex A8 / 512 MB RAM, 4GB Flash
● Interface: microSD, miniUSB, AudioJack 2.5mm,SIM
● GPS: high sensitivity receiver, […]

28 mayo 2013

EOL Disco AU

28 mayo 2013|Categories: en, Noticias|Etiquetas: |

Important information about End Of Life Disco-AU

LTB, Last Time Buy date: 30th June, 2013

LTD, Last Time Delivery: 30th September 2013

Device still available as ODM (Original Design Manufacture) device. Minimum 500 units.

Disco AU-B5 and Disco AU-B5-Magnet remain as standard units available in the product family.

24 octubre 2012

Updated documents

24 octubre 2012|Categories: en, Notas Técnicas|Etiquetas: , , , |

Please, be informed that we have updated the below listed manuals in the Downloads section of our website:

Application Notes