PC OS Prerequisite

  • Linux Ubuntu 10.04 or greater
  • Xubuntu on a Virtual Machine

Build SDK

Download the file SDK_Bluebox.tar.gz and uncompress it in your working directory:

# tar xvfz SDK_Bluebox.tar.gz

This will create the “Bluebox” folder in your working directory. This is the main directory of BlueBox environment. Here you’ll find some iles, that explain how to build SDK, compile packages, and other useful info and links about BlueBox and his chip “Carambola”.

  • HowTo Build.txt
  • HowTo COMPILE.txt
  • Bluebox Links.txt

The first document (HowTo Build.txt) explains how to build the entire BlueBox SDK. This is the first operation you need to do, to write applications for the board. This operation will require some time, depending on the power of the PC being used.

The second document (HowTo COMPILE.txt) describes how to compile a single package, for example bluebox application, and how to install new package or rewrite filesystem into the board.

The last document (Bluebox Links.txt) includes some helpful links about the openwrt linux distribution and carambola chip.

Source Code

The source code of BlueBox demo application is located in Bluebox/package/bluebox/ with following subdirectories:

  • bin/ – includes the main script ( proc_monitor.sh ), launched at the start of the Bluebox ( in /etc/rc.local ), and is the directory where the application bluebox will be installed.
  • scripts/ – collects some scripts launched from the application, for example to check RTC (rtcI2C.sh) or upgrade the firmware (upgrade.sh).
  • src/ – includes all C source files for the BlueBox. The “main” file is bluebox.c.
  • upgrade/ – is used only to store the upgrade file after a firmware update operation.
  • wwwroot/ – includes all HTML and JS files used to manage web interface page.

NOTE: within src/ directory there are two files (readmb.c and writemb.c) that use libmodbus C library to perform read/write operations to the serial ports (RS-232 or RS-485). When you install bluebox package into BlueBox, you will find two executable files (readmb and writemb) in /usr/bin/ directory. If you want to try manually, please use:

# readmb -h

Web Interface

When you power on BlueBox with this demo application, you will be able to access the device via its web interface at:

  • – default IP address

This version of the web interface allows to execute following operations:

  • Firmware Update



  • Diagnostics Tools (allows to verify Internet connection and Reboot system)


  • Read Registers (to read Modbus registers via RS-232/485 interfaces, the integrated ZigBee gateway is managed via the RS-232 interface)bluebox-read-registers


  • Manage ZigBee Network (create/open/close ZigBee network, configure ZigBee gateway)bluebox-manage-zigbee-network