After eight-weeks successful field tests Falcom has released officially the new Firmware v2.11.0_RC7 for all FALCOM AVL devices including BIOS 2.1.3 as final release. The firmware file, the PFAL document and a detailed Release Notes can be downloaded from our website.

These are some of the most important enhancements included within this new version:

  • FLASH TCP buffer (nonvolatile buffering of all TCP packets) => independent of system restarts
    • New Sendmode introduced: TCP.CLIENT.SENDMODE=2 (config setting)
    • Command answers have priority over TCP.Client.Send
    • Events sent during GPRS/TCP startup are stored correctly within TCP sendmode 2 (flash TCP buffer)
    • TCP.Client.eFlashBufferEmpty (previously named as: TCP.Client.eStorageEmpty)
  • Fast GPS startup independent of GPS configuration
  • New: “fast” option can be used to initiate quick position logging to history during system startup (FS-POS Entries – every 3 seconds)
  • Without “fast”, history will not contain “FS-POS” entries anymore but still benefit from a faster GPS startup
  • Improved last valid position added
    • Stores positions nonvolatile internally each second when having a fix
    • Works in parallel with standard “last valid position” configuration:
      • It is still possible to define a last valid position for the case of no gps coverage.
      • During startup, the last valid position is loaded from the most recent timestamp of both stored “last valid positions” (standard settings via config or the internal improved Last valid)
  • Standard “GPS last valid position” is automatically stored in config on all shutdown/sleep commands (to provide redundancy and increased robustness)
  • Improved Syntax check in config
  • User settings may be stored inside USER1..3
    • CNF.Write,USER1=usertext
  • Sys.Device.Sleep=values[+GPS] (GPS may be used in combination with sleep conditions -> during sleep, GPS engine will be powered (increased power consumption, rtc and gps signals keep running). This option increase the sleep consumption from 3.2 to 5.9mA (@12.0V)


  • CAN added (visible for all FOX3-devices, initially enabled for all devices except Fox3, Bolero-2)
    • RS485 added (available, visible for Fox3 devices only)
  • LoadLastValid position on startup
    • During startup, the last valid position is loaded from internal improved Last valid even if no SaveLastValid exists within configuration
  • SIM Handling improved
    • GPSTATE messages
      • SIM PIN / SIM not inserted Message repeat rate changed to approx. 30 seconds
    • Sleep mode available if SIM PIN is missing / invalid PIN is entered
  • Sleep mode timeout improved
    • No timeout if no pending tcp messages
    • Timeout added for pending Email
    • Speed states named correctly (sOverSpeed1, sOverSpeed2, sOverSpeed3 instead of eOverspeed1..3)
  • History
    • if user data exceeds limit of 254 bytes, an error is reported


You can download following documents at our website (login required):